Monday, November 28, 2011

Egg and I: The Perfect Antidote for Turkey Coma and Collegiate Handbladder

I may have been born in Ireland, but after decades here I get Thanksgiving and American Football. As for Thanksgiving, which to some is an excuse for overeating, I have grown to like the taste of Turkey and Dressing and the underlying message of being thankful for our many blessings.  I admit I have indulged in both and experienced the placebo effects of small doses of L-tryptophan which provide a very good afternoon snooze Thanksgiving Day.
As for American Football, which should really be named "Handbladder" because it does not truly involve a ball-shaped object and normally involves use of the hands instead of feet, I understand the basic concept of four downs to cover 10 yards and the speed, strength and toughness needed to excel.  In some respects it is much like the Irish football (a form of Rugby) which I played on the fields of Trinity College in Dublin without pads or helmets.  You may be surprised to learn that we have an American Football Association in Ireland where the Carrickfergus Knights of the IAFL North battle my Trinity College and The Dublin Rebels of the IAFL Central.  In fact, it was the Dublin Rebels who won the Shamrock Bowl XXIV in August. Those of you history-deprived Southerners wallowing in the shame or indignation of your War Between the States probably do not realize that a team named the Rebels would be very popular in Dublin since some of you probably are not aware of our little dust-up with the British around the time you Yanks were involved in World War I.  No matter.

The point of all of this is that on Sunday after Thanksgiving and your Iron Bowl I had the idea of trying out the Egg and I in Z-Red for a truly American breakfast that I can understand and enjoy.  I am aware that the Egg and I is a chain concept but it, like Dreamland, is locally owned by someone who actually works there during most public hours so it qualified for a LITG visit/review and, by Paddy, I was the right bloke to try it out. I may not understand why Alabama fans pull for a team called the Crimson Tide but have an emaciated elephant mascot or Auburn fans have a live eagle fly around with a tiger mascot with an oversized head, but I understand the basic game.  And frankly, on Sunday I was tired of turkey and all the talking about the game--the breast beating and the teeth gnashing.  It is obvious to me, an outsider, that one year one of these teams will be the best and the next another. All the talk about which is a better university because of the outcome of the game makes no sense, at least to me.

"The Flapper" Pre-Syrup

After suffering turkey and football overload what makes sense to me is some comfort food. Every now and then, nothing says "comfort food" like a giant pancake covering your entire plate slathered with butter and warm maple syrup. Add to that some fresh scrambled eggs, sausage, a hot cup of coffee and some fresh-squeezed orange juice and the mind and body returns to stasis.  A little pricey ($3 juice and an extra $1 for cheese on the eggs) but nevertheless a simple meal for a simple Irishman who is ready to move on to the Christmas season thankful for his blessings regardless of the outcome of a rousing game of handbladder a/k/a armoured wankerball.

So whether you are a Roll Eagle or a War Tide, I think we can all agree that a good hot breakfast at Egg and I provides some solace even if your University is not very good at football.  Give the Egg and I a try and let us know what you think.

May the best pancakes win!

Cheers. CNA.

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  1. Oh Chase, you really must find a proper fried Irish breakfast to be had here in the Gump! But the Egg and I sounds suspiciously like "Another Broken Egg"?