Saturday, July 16, 2011

Squeak Peek: Eat At Joe's...Again

UPDATE as of June 7, 2012: Returned Again to Joe's Again. Was at first apprehensive that the place had changed hands. They have painted the structure red and yellow and today there were no signs of any kind indicating the name of the establishment.  However, once inside I quickly saw nothing really had changed. Same menu. Same Joe and same awesome "Joe's Burger."  I need a nap.....

July 21, 2011: Returned to Joe's...Again on Friday last week for the "Joe's Burger" and again today for the regular cheese burger. I was blown away, I mean, in a good way. Not injured but almost stuffed beyond capacity with what may, just might, perhaps, maybe, possibly be the best, I said BEST, double cheese burger in El Todo Del Gumpo! Maybe. Since I was alone I cannot confirm the rating. We will need other GGP's or LITG members to weigh in on the important matter of determining whether Joe's Again is a tremendous find and we crown them as having one of the best burgers in the city. And we haven't even tried the ribs and wings for which they are locally famous. Stay tuned.

It's hard to imagine the size of it without some frame of reference. The cup in the background is a LARGE drink cup.

For now feast your eyes above on the "Joe's Burger." Two hand-formed and what seemed like 1/2 pound patties with cheese cooked to perfection with grilled onions, pickles and peppers and crisp tomatoes and lettuce. Very difficult to eat with tiny paws. Did I mention it was messy? It was messy for sure. But was it ever good! I could not stop eating even when my tummy felt like it would pop. The burgery goodness forced me to keep gnawing my way through this burger monster. I left sated and stayed that way for about 2 days. Was it just me or was it one of the finest burgers I have had...EVER? You decide.

Check out Joe's...Again and let me know what you think. Send comments (if you do not want to post them) to

Now, here was the original post on Joes concerning their also fine cheese steaks:

First, I want to thanks to the girls at MCOA for suggesting a Gump Guinea Pig foray down West Fairview to Joe's Again Buffalo Wings & Rib City. They provided some good intel on where to find a good Philly Cheese Steak sandwich in the Gump. Second, as someone who has visited Philadelphia several times for weddings and business, no one in Philly thinks any thing made outside of Philly should be called a cheese steak or can hold a candle to Pat's, Geno's or Jim's--although they really cannot explain why they prefer Pat's over Geno's or Jim's or visey versey because they all have a favorite. It's like Auburn v. Alabama v. Troy here in the Gump. There you have to pick Pat's or Geno's or Jim's (which is sort of like Troy).

For those of you unfamiliar with the fifth food group a/k/a the cheese steak, here is a quick primer: Its thinly sliced steak, onions ("Wit"), cheese (or cheese Wiz) and bell or Italian peppers on a split Kaiser roll. The main reason you cannot get good ones outside South Philly is because it's hard to find the right bread. They do not travel well and they will not ship them to you. You can try to make one at home. If you are inclined to try, here is a very good recipe from someone who has a cheese steak fetish (which I suppose is more healthy that toe or toad sucking).

Back to Joe's...The great thing about this place is the guy behind the counter in the pork-pie hat with the booming baritone voice. If you are an adult, he greets you when you come through the door with a Nat King Cole croon. However, if you are one of the local kids from Carver, he starts asking questions about what sports they play, what they want to do after high school etc. He also imparts wisdom like: "You got to do something after high school" or "You've got to make something of yourself." I guess because of the maximum street cred this place has in this area,
"Joe" (I assume it's Joe) gets away with poking his nose in their business in a way any other proprietor might not.

Bottom line: This place is a very short drive south on I-65 from the Gump (take the Fairview Ave exit and head East) and if the cheese steak is any indication of how good the other items on the menu might be, I will have to go back again and again. Due to limited seating I do recommend take-out and a call ahead would probably be a good idea.

Stay tuned for further reviews of what we hear is a very good double-cheeseburger: The Joe's Burger....until then, this is Squeak, over and out!

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  1. Well, I say...perhaps worth a trip to the west side of Dublin er...the Gump.

  2. I can confirm this ranks right up there with one of the best burgers in town. My beloved Brew Pub's black & bleu was #1 but sadly it has gone the way of the dodo. Bud's and Sinclair's(b & b) are up there as well. Still need to try the one over at Coaches Corner.

    Joe's had a friendly staff and cajun seasoning on the fries. Will definitely go back to try the ribs.

  3. I can easily brag, albeit not necessarily a braggable nor meaningful fact, that I, one BamaBuffalo, have eaten more chicken wings at more venues than any man alive, or that lived to tell. The proof, an uncountable number of very pissed off wingless chickens scattered across southern Gawja and the Panhandle. With that said, Joe's Again, well you cant find any better, and a lot no where close. Maybe Joe wasnt sure the first time, but he damn sure nailed it like Van Tiffin in '85 this time around. What makes it, fresh wings, shaken not wing sauce right out of the polyunsaturated oil instead of 10 minutes after they have been sitting around, and the sauce itself. Simply, as close to the original Durkee's, later to be Frank's not so original because its watered down for that damn thing called profit, as you can get. Repeat after me, a milled Cayene Pepper sauce, done right and, there you have it. I havent reviewed all their different flavors, but trust me, as my stomach has not been tested in some time, I will.

  4. Bamalo: You are qualified to join the Litg gang. You are officially invited to post your own reviews. Send email address to