Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Squeak Peek: Capitol Oyster Bar Sea Dogs Relocate As River Rats

We at LITG had been saddened to hear of the closing of our enigmatic Capitol Oyster Bar given our high rating while at its former location in a prior post. We were also disappointed that the Marina Bar & Grill had closed even though we still miss poor Nibbles, our fallen GGP comrade, starved by the slow service experienced when the Marina Bar and Grill opened in March of this year.

There was, therefore, much excited squeaking around the GGP barracks when we received hard intelligence that the COB had recently reopened at "The Marina" on Shady Street (a more aptly named street there has never been). Of course, the GGPs were tasked with visiting the recently opened COB and clearing it for LITG regulars. And we did.

It was, alas, a mixed result. The experienced staff and cooks at the COB can and will make the best of any surroundings. After all, they made a grungy Pizza Hut building on the Southern By-Pass seem like it was Tacky Jacks on Perdido Bay. And today they were still working out the kinks with a location with severe kitchen size limitations. Ticket to table today timed out at over 30 minutes (that's 1 1/2 months in Guinea Pig years). We almost would have lost Sgt. Puffer but for the abundant saltines in the basket at the table. We were also a little taken back by the prices. The cheapest meal for lunch is going to be $9.95 without the $1.50 tea. You could, if you were crazy or Cajun, order the frog legs as an appetizer and save a buck. We GGPs find them too similar in size and appearance to the Ecuadorian delicacy Cuy.

The food (fried oysters and shrimp) when it arrived did somewhat save the review from negativity. The COB slaw has always been very good. It rivals the slaw at Jubilee. Their fries are also decent. However, you can hold the "Texas toast" (between your knees) as far as I am concerned. Next time I will get the much better Hush Piggies. The oysters were reported by Sgt. Puffer to be tasty but I found the fried shrimp to be average. They we also not as hot as you would expect when you receive your lunch 30 minutes after it was ordered. That is especially true when you know the experienced staff working in a small kitchen would never miss an opportunity to get food out the door. The portions are certainly fair as the picture below attests:

Upon departure the review was completely redeemed by all of the cool "Blue's" posters tacked in the entrance area documenting the many known and obscure Blue's bands which appeared at the old location over the years and with the owner's promise that the COB will have more of the same at the new location at the Marina. The owner also promised that their liquor license was one/two weeks away and they would have Pabst Blue Ribbon just like they did before. We all know that fried seafood tastes better with a beer--especially a PBR--even at lunch. So our company left the COB encouraged that they would work out the kinks with practice and alcohol. The promise of a better day and the truth of the application of alcohol to the COB clientele was proudly displayed on this poster over the shelves where the liquor will soon be:

When they have the PBR, we will return!

[UPDATE! September 2, 2011: Capitol Oyster Bar now has liquor license. Great deck to watch sunset with your favorite beverage. They have PBR Cornbread Carp!]


  1. No Royals today that we saw....

  2. Let a gentleman know when the bar is open.

  3. Please CLEAN THE DOORS. ALL OF THEM! YUCK!! STAFF SITS AROUND BETWEEN SHIFTS BSn and smoking. COME ON, HAVE SOME RESPECT! 88 health rating. Clean it. Fix it! Hate to bring visitors to/through all those nasty hand prints!

  4. Those not interested in dining in a Petrie Dish should avoid the COB. Only locals with the stomach linings of Russian Cossacks safely dine there.