Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cujo's Lunch Express is Bloody Good

The Cuco (or Coco; Coca; Cuca; Cucuy) is a mythical ghost-monster; equivalent to the boogeyman, found in many Hispanic and Lusophone countries. He can also be considered a Hispanic version of a bugbear,[1] as it is a commonly used figure of speech representing an irrational or exaggerated fear. The coco is a male being while coca, or cuca are the female versions of the mythical monster although it is not possible to distinguish one from the other as both are the representation of the same being. That is why I refer to Cuco's in Montgomery as Cujo's in honor of the movie of the same name. [Click on the Cuco's in Montgomery link to hear their snappy theme music!]

Located securely within the confines of "Downtown Mont[Gump]ery" at 31 South Court Street, "Cuco's Express" is, in fact, an example of a bugabear that will not die. While other places wilted and failed when the Court Street fountain area was some diabolical evil urban planner's experiment in downtown mall living, poor Cuco's was a restaurant without parking that survived and now thrives on the north end of the fountain "round-a-bout" [which non-Bermudian Gumpers still do not understand how to navigate] with some pretty darn good Portugese/Mexican lunch selections.

Today, I snuck away from my parole officer to sample the "Sour Cream Chicken Enchilada" off the Express Lunch Combo Menu served with a soft drink (with free refills) and complimentary chips and salsa for the grand total of $5.49 plus tax. The chips were not only paper thin and hot, but they asked me if I had lost weight. Very complimentary I must say. Cuco's promises that if not delivered in 15 min., the whole sheebang is on the house. Fortunately, they brought the feast out in record time and I returned to my work-release station before anyone missed me.

I was very impressed. They also have just opened an evening restaurant in West Shorter at 11123 Chantilly Parkway which would be an option when I am released from parole (assuming no schools are within 300 yards). I even think the place actually qualifies as a local eatery. Bottom line, I think this place is at least three chips of a salsa and worth a lunch visit whenever you are gracing the Gump.

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