Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Nutty "Occupy 'Down the Street' Movement"

We are not "Down with the Struggle" against the Street

I don't get it. Despite its flaws, we have the greatest lunch system in the world based upon the free operation of self-interested appetites. Sure, not everyone gets a second helping of cornbread and some can afford truffles, but what is it about these ex-hippies and the "Occupy Gail's Down the Street" movement? What do they have against the meat and three system?

Did they hear Gail on the radio saying "Come see us in the curve on Zelda Road?" Was it the references to "...REAL mashed potatoes and every body's favorite dessert: banana puddin'!" Was it the fact that "Down the Street" is misleadingly on a "Road"? Are they pissed that Gail's Down the Street Cafe is not really a cafe. Is the "secret word" to get a free dessert: "Anarchy"?

Everyone should be glad they ended dancing at Down the Street....

Whatever the cause, the fruits and nuts are out to torment the establishment meat and three. Sure, Gail's does not serve great food, but Gail's does serve decent food only moderately overpriced. Gails "Grilled Grouper" certainly does not qualify as hoity-toity foodie cuisine. Yes, they used to have dancing "Down the Street" (and it was a sight to behold--see right) but now they have cut back--no alcohol or dinner--and despite obscene profits have reduced their offerings to a comparatively spartan lunch from 11 to 2 M-F and Sunday. Even the baroness of lunch in the Gump is putting the excesses of the collateralized dessert options behind her and, truth be told, never took a dime of city development funds or other TARP-Like handouts like some of the spots in the favored downtown Alley district.

No wonder the girlie/man on the left has to cover his face and; what's with the guy afraid of nets?

And what do these 'occupy"...'people'....want? The signs they sport are almost unintelligible. They appear to have been written by schizophrenics on half-doses of their medications. "Occupy Everything?" Really? Do they really want that? Why, if that is the case they are welcome to occupy my septic tank or my rolling "Folmar.*"
The lipstick on her stomach says: "Ban Meat from Down the Street!"
Or do they just want to draw attention to themselves for some reason? Here is a fine example of someone who may fit that description. She reminds me of Joni Mitchell on LSD during Woodstock. The drug must help her think she would attract "looks" and that she can be heard when her mouth is closed. Listen to what, exactly? Hey, I'm talking (but not listening or looking) at you?

So, they want to Occupy Gail's Down the Street? Have at it. Good luck getting in during 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Monday through Friday and forget about it on Sunday. The "movement" will just have to be satisfied with singing Kumbaya in the parking lot at night and hope none of the former bar time "regulars" swerve in by force of habit for a nightcap. Bump. Bump. Whoops! Was that curb there the last time I was here?

Just don't let them make me eat what they eat.

*A "Folmar" is Gump-Speak for the rolling garbage containers provided by the city when Emory Folmar was mayor.

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